Ali H. Nayfeh Prizes

Springer sponsored prizes, named the ALI H. NAYFEH Prizes, in honor of Nonlinear Dynamics's founding editor, the late Professor Ali H. Nayfeh, will be awarded for the best papers presented by graduate students and postdocs at NODYCON 2021.
The Award ceremony will be held during the Closing ceremony, February 19, 2021. The prize for the first place is $500, for the second place $400, and for the third place $300. The Award Committee members decided on the awards based on the quality of the written paper using the criteria of novelty, achievement, and potential impact. Some of the papers were submitted to the NODYCON 2021 Special Issue of Nonlinear Dynamics and others to the NODYCON 2021 Springer Proceedings.

Professor Ali H. Nayfeh
Professor Emeritus of Nonlinear Dynamics
Prof. Nayhef
21 December 1933 – 27 March 2017