NODYCON2023 Terms and Conditions

Content Presented at NODYCON

Participants are reminded to present content associated with approved abstracts and not to present any content that may be considered proprietary, confidential or restricted in any way.

Registration Fees

All conference participants must register and pay the advertised fee including authors, presenters, chairs, co-chairs.

Identification at Registration

Individual registrants may only collect their own individual registration package and are not allowed to pick up badges or materials for others.

Student Registration Fees

Student registration rates are only available to undergraduate and graduate students who have not yet received their Ph.D. Post-docs may not register as students.

Student Identification

All Students must send a valid student photo identification that includes an ID number and “Valid Thru” date to

Payment Method

NODYON accepts online payments via credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express) and wire transfers. Credit card payments are strongly encouraged.


Each paper has a primary author identified to present the paper. Should the primary author not be available, a co-author may be nominated as a substitute. Any proposed substitution must be notified in advance of the presentation via email to The live presentation option will be available to all presenting authors. The pre-recorded presentations are a backup in case of internet connection issues. The pre-recorded presentation is also an option available to presenting authors who are, however, requested to be online to answer questions in the allotted time.

Refunds/Cancellation Fee

Requests for conference registration fee refunds must be received before April 21, 2023 and are subject to a €100 non-refundable fee.

General Data Privacy Authorization

By entering your personal information into this registration site, you hereby give consent to NODYCON Organisers to collect, process, review, and transfer personal data (including to the extent described above, sensitive personal data) relating to me in relation to the conference registration and event management. You also consent to the transfer of any such data outside of the country in which you live or where the personal data has been collected or processed, including specifically to Italy. NODYCON is committed to comply with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules about data privacy and handling. You also accept to receive regular email updates about NODYCON.

You can stop receiving communications at any time by clicking "unsubscribe" in any email.

NODYS Membership

As a registered attendee of NODYCON 2023, you are offered the opportunity to sign up for a free membership of NODYS (International Society of Nonlinear Dynamics). NODYS is a not-for-profit society established in 2018 to enable knowledge sharing and dissemination, international collaboration, and skills development in the field of nonlinear dynamics. As a member of NODYS, you will receive newsletters about the activities, workshops, webinars, and meetings, and calls for meeting proposals. If you are interested in the By-Laws of NODYS, please send an email to

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